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Karlsregion International
100.000 Zeichen für Wikipedia –

Karlsruhe in Wikipedia editions

Wikipedia is available in many languages of the world and is an information platform, informing people in their native language.

My goal is that Karlsruhe is adequately described in the main Wikipedias of the world. I'm looking for companies and people who want to implement this vision with me.

You have to do it, which costs time and money, but I think it's worth.

The texts will be published on this Web site under a free license (CC by-sa 3.0) and can thus be applied in the respective Wikipedia.

Basis for all translations to be an article in Simple English, a constructed language, which also has a Wikipedia and essentially based on English with a restricted vocabulary.

Join us as one of the first, contact with me, the easiest way by mail.

With kind regards
Wilhelm Bühler
Leiter Businessclub Karlsruhe - das Netzwerk der Karlsregion seit 2008

Ziel / Goal

English language.svg 100,000 characters for Wikipedia about Karlsruhe.
Indian English
Flag of India.svg 1 lakh of characters for Wikipedia about Karlsruhe.
Flag of Germany.svg 100.000 Zeichen für Wikipedia über Karlsruhe.

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